MyWay Wealth Weekly Update (Issue #14): The Wealthy & Wealth of India and more…

Our favourite holding period is forever.

-Warren Buffett

Recently, IIFL investment managers teamed up with Wealth-X to create ‘India’s Quantum Leap’ on the wealth and wealthy of India. This week, I’ll be borrowing a few statistics from this report to present you with a fresh and a new perspective on wealth & the journey associated.

India is expected to add the fourth-highest number of High Net Worth Individuals in the next five years, only behind the star economies of U.S., China, and Japan yet ahead of the European powerhouse – Germany.

Here’s what the High Net Worth Indians are doing right with their money-

HNI Indians: Source of Wealth

To make life simpler, here’s the inference you should care about – The wealthy have become wealthy through smart investing and by having a very good understanding about equities as an asset class.

Investing & Equity – bring these together and you will discover the secret sauce to wealth creation. Speaking of equities, here’s how this week went for Indian equities.


Fund News:

HDFC Mutual Fund has decided to assign fund management responsibilities for Overseas Investments to Amar Kalkundrikar in place of Rakesh Vyas with effect from January 10, 2019.

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