Invest in National Pension System (NPS)

…& save additional Rs. 15480 in taxes in 2019

  • Invest Rs. 50000 in NPS and save additional Rs. 15480 in tax under Section 80CCD (1B)
  • Better returns (12-14%)
  • NPS is tax exempt at the time of investment, accumulation & withdrawal*
  • Regulated by PFRDA (Pension Fund Regulatory & Development Authority), with strict investment norms and routine performance reviews of fund managers.
  • Low fund management charges

Start investing in NPS now!

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How to invest in NPS on MyWay Wealth

NPS on MyWay Wealth

Select NPS on MyWay Wealth

On MyWay Wealth, you can invest in NPS (along with Direct Mutual Funds and Term Insurance).

NPS on MyWay Wealth

Benefits of Investing in NPS

The app highlights the benefits of investing in NPS.

NPS on MyWay Wealth

Select Amount to Invest in NPS

Our Research team recommends investing Rs. 50,000 to save Rs. 15,450 in taxes under Section Section 80CCD (1B)

NPS on MyWay Wealth

Smart Recommendation engine for NPS

Our app recommends the right NPS pension fund for your needs, including breakdown of asset allocation (in equity, bonds and government securities).

MyWay Wealth Expert Advice on NPS

Frequently Asked Questions about NPS

What is NPS?

A pension scheme extended by the Government of India. It is mandatory for Government employees, while private sector employees can choose between NPS and Employee Provident Fund.

Can i withdraw my funds from NPS when I need it?

Yes, after 3 years you can withdraw upto 25% for the required expenses such as marriage, education, medical treatments, etc.

What is the minimum investment required in NPS?

For Tier 1 account, initial contribution plus subscription application is Rs.500 and for Tiet-2, it’s Rs.1000. The minimum annual deposit for Tier-1 is Rs.1000, while Tier-2 has no such requirement.

Would my investment beat inflation?

Returns are market linked, therefore equities are expected to beat inflation over the long term.

Is my Capital protected with NPS?

No, NPS invest in equities that are subjected to market fluctuations, but increases your potential to earn higher returns.

Who are eligible to invest in NPS?

An Indian resident whether resident or non-resident can prescribe for NPS.

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* Starting April 1, 2019