Introducing National Pension System (NPS) on the MyWay Wealth app!

Now invest in NPS on the MyWay Wealth app and save more taxes!

Secure our future with MyWay app

Dear Customer,
We are glad to introduce a brand new product on the MyWay Wealth app – National Pension System. Now you can invest in NPS on the MyWay Wealth app without any paperwork in a completely digital manner!

Here are the benefits of NPS:

  • Save taxes on additional Rs.50000 (on top of 1.5 ) investments exclusively in NPS.
  • It is a low-cost investment option with extremely low fund management charges
  • Unlike all current plans, NPS provides seamless portability across jobs and locations.
  • NPS is controlled and regulated by PFRDA (Pension fund regulatory & development authority), with strict investment norms and routine performance reviews of pension fund managers.

Here is how NPS investments work on the MyWay Wealth app:

First click here to install MyWay Wealth app.

Open MyWay Wealth app -> Click on ‘National Pension System’ -> Enter Amount -> Select Pension fund house & asset allocation -> Make -> Submit documents

Navigate to NPS through MyWay

After you make the payment, it takes us 3 working days to generate your PRAN (Permanent retirement account number) and confirm your investment.

Please update the app and invest in NPS right now.

Note: At the moment, we only are catering customers who are new to NPS and don’t already hold a PRAN.

To know more about the NPS, click.

If you want to save Rs. 17000 in taxes this year, signup now to start investing:

If you have any concern, please write to us at or call at +918048039999, we would be happy to answer your query.

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