Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds – The right investment option

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

What are Mutual Funds?

A mutual fund is formed when money is been collected from different investors and invested in the company shares, stock or bonds. A mutual fund is managed collectively to earn the highest possible returns. The person driving this instrument vehicle is a professional fund manager.

In short mutual fund are:

  • Money pooled from individuals.
  • Access to a large portfolio
  • Professedly managed by Fund Managers
  • Well regulated by SEBI since 1996(Securities Exchange Board Of India)
  • It allows you to invest in small amounts (SIP as low as 1o0/-)
  • You can earn high returns (>15%)

Why Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds offer various features and benefits as an investment option, which is the most profitable investment method. Also, mutual funds help in:

  • Diversification helps investors to reduce the risk of investing in a single stock. And Mutual Funds invest in stocks, bonds, and other commodities.
  • Professional management with the help of fund managers, hence investors need not have to spend time in research.
  • Ease of buying and selling as they are available online and spares you from the trouble of walking to a bank to compress the documentation or other processes.
  • Wide range of funds right from equity to debt to hybrid funds and many more.

Who should invest in Mutual Funds?

Mutual funds make investing easier for you. Because each fund is designed to address different financial goals. Mutual Funds have smart engines that recommend the right plan, at the right time and for the right person. The best way to invest in mutual funds investment is with SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), where you can start your investment with a minimum of Rs. 100 or more as per your convenience. The basic rule of investment is to start early. The more days you dealy, the more you will lose out on potential returns.

How to invest in Mutual Funds?

You can invest in mutual funds using the below options:

  • Direct investment
  • Through Agents or Brokers
  • Online (Recommended)

Advantages of investing online:

  • Speedy business deal
    The main benefit of online investment is the speedy execution of business transactions. At a simple click of the mouse, the investor can buy shares.
  • Simple execution and mere formalities
    We all know India is in the form of digital transformation. People nowadays prefer online investment because it is an easy and time-saving mode of investment. There is no involvement of paperwork, all you need to do is update your bank details and complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) process and you are ready to invest online.
  • Comfort and easy accessibility
    It offers the advantage of sitting at the comfort of your home and invest. The investors don’t need to travel for various deals rather, complete certain formalities online and you can get all the investment options at your fingertip.
  • Secured dealing
    These days, online applications have been upgraded to provide the best of security to the investors and make sure that their investments are safe and reliable.

Wondering how to invest online?

One such investment app that provides all the advantages of investing online is MyWay Wealth. Let’s find out with its features:

  • Zero Commission and Zero Fees
    You can invest in a Mutual Fund on MyWay Wealth for free. You don’t have to pay any commission or fees to brokers or agents. Hence you don’t lose a substantial amount of your investment money.
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
    The feature helps you to get your risk covered through regular and period balancing of your investment portfolio.
  • Smart Recommendation Engine
    MyWay Wealth’s smart recommendation engine recommends funds which have outperformed the market based on significance financial models and historical data.
  • Insta Switch
    Wherein you can switch your regular plans to direct plans and can get 1-1.5% more returns on your investment.
  • Advance research and reports
    Get access to superior, advance and smart fund reports.
  • Portfolio alters on the go
    Remain in touch with your portfolio, and make wise decisions with your portfolio.

Are investments made on MyWay Wealth safe?

Investing in MyWay Wealth is 100% safe and secure because it provides:

  • 256-bit secure socket layer (SSL)
  • All payments are routed via BillDesk.
  • All orders are executed via the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSC)
  • MyWay Wealth is a SEBI registered investment advisor. (INA200005323).

Visit MyWay Wealth and start building your portfolio today. Education, awareness and good judgment can ensure that your investment journey with mutual funds can be fruitful and productive.


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