Lessons for Investing to Learn from Irrfan Khan Movies

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The world lost Sahabzade Irrfan Ali Khan on 29 April 2020, a human more precious than Gold, on cinema and perhaps Titanium, when it comes to being a human. He was a good man, who proved that you could portray being the Indian Macbeth and an unflinching entrepreneur of a prehistoric theme park in a large filmography cut down suddenly with mortality. He had valuable lessons to teach, both off and on-screen with humility being at its forefront. However, he has also done some movies with very practical lessons in the world of investments. 

Top 4 Important Lessons for Investors to Learn from Irrfan Khan Movies

While it may be an odd observation, you will have enough proof by the time you complete reading this:

1. Be Patient For Good Returns: The unconventional and unconditional of love stories, Lunchbox is one of his best performances as a common man in India. His character waited actively to understand an absolute stranger remaining completely invested with the utmost patience. Blackmail, on the other hand, taught us the same lesson in the form of a black comedy but with a different perspective: how hasty decisions in finance can lead you nowhere but distress.


2. Choose Investment options with a long-term foresight: In Jurassic World, he literally portrayed an entrepreneur/investor, very passionate and optimistic about his investment. While that is indeed a lesson too we are concentrating on the aspect of him having the long-term vision of choosing the right people to invest in, for the park (who ultimately help save a lot of people) even though he died a brave death in the movie. The other movies with the same lesson have been repeated in the movie franchise Hindi Medium and Angrezi Medium in the form of family.

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3. Not all investments are special, but special investments can come from anywhere:  Paan Singh Tomar and Slumdog Millionaire in plot taught at least some of us, that it does not matter where we come from to do special things or make the right moves in investments. So when you are investing in an SIP as low as say Rs.100 in the mutual fund market, do not underestimate its eventual worth.

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4. You can be the most intelligent investor in the room, without making a noise: His characters in Piku, Life of Pi and Billu Barber, taught us that faith and perseverance is the key to unlocking successful investments but not make a hue and cry about it. In all walks of life, humility works longer and wondrously, likewise. The right investments will always yield good returns as long as there is stable growth is another lesson we can learn especially from Piku.

know your finances fisdom

In fact, Irrfan Khan is the perfect example of a great investment in the form of an actor, undeniable with his work in his country and beyond. We will miss his presence in our lives deeply but the lessons that he teaches us from being a good man to being one of the most influential people in India will stand as factual and not fiction.

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