cricket and investments

Khelo App ki Cricket Investments Pe

Cricket is the most popular game in the world undoubtedly, and it’s the world’s greatest sport. It’s a gentleman’s sport, full of sportsmanship. An epic journey where players and fans get to know each other over days of play, where respect is the golden rule, and integrity is very much alive. And on the contrary, Investing in the Mutual Fund is helps you to create wealth in the long/short term and helps in achieving your financial goals.
Besides entertainment, Investing is like a game of cricket.

“Your Team→ Your Portfolio
Your Players→ Your Securities.”

In this article, let us use the analogy of a cricket game in investing. When it comes to cricket, We ‘Fans’ always feel like the cricket team could have done a better job, when it comes to us, we fail to create our investment portfolio and financial success.

1. Good combination

The success of the team depends on selecting the right skill set players for batting, blowing, and fielding. Similarly, as an investor, you need to understand and decide upon choosing the right securities, which can play better and bring rewards.

2. Well balanced and diversified team

A good team is one that does not depend on a single player; every player should play their part for their team. Similarly, diversifying your money into various investment option will reduce your risk, and the returns are balanced against the loss.

3. Think outside the box

Change in cricket team depends upon the pitch, existing form of the players, and weather conditions. Thus, as an investor- it’s your responsibility to review the performance of the financial products, and you should always have a flexible portfolio.

4. Have a different strategy

In cricket, players are chosen based on their current performance, past track records, and their ability to play in various formats (test matches, T-20, ODI). Likewise investing will also have different forms such as based on time horizon (long and short term), the risk appetite of investors ( high medium or low risk), etc., Based on the requirement, investors can choose different products and develop their investment strategies.

5. Patience is a virtue

The game is a test of endurance and patience. To win the match, it is crucial to stay in the game. Losing wickets can cost you a game earlier than predicted. So it’s essential to stay in and get adjusted to a pitch.
Similarly, in the initial stage, an investor may feel hard making progress, but patience will yield a better return in the long run. So if an investor has to make returns, then he has stay invested in the market rather than to time the market.
Thus, investing is like a game of cricket. The hard work lies in opting the right product, which matches your risk appetite and financial goals.

Stay calm and enjoy the game.
“Do the very best you can.”

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