Hot NFO Alert: ICICI Prudential MNC Fund

Global is the new local!

Multinational corporations(MNCs) are typically associated with stability, growth and market leadership & this is not without reason.

MNCs are known for features like high competitive advantage, strong & clean balance sheets, technology edge & strong governance all of it primarily led by comfortable cash flows & global presence.

ICICI Prudential’s MNC Fund seeks to offer investor portfolios an exposure to high-quality MNCs (Indian, India-listed & global) which are expected to deliver consistent and risk-optimal returns in a sustainable fashion.

Investors can benefit from the diversification by allocating 7%-10% of their portfolio to this fund – could be higher or lower though basis the investor & investment profile.

Having said that, the funds hold quite some promise in terms of insulating the portfolio during domestic headwinds.

ICICI Prudential MNC Fund – Open-ended Equity Scheme
NFO Period: 28 May 2019 to 11 June 2019

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