Gold as an Asset Class

gold asset

“I like gold because it is a stabilizer; it is an insurance policy.”

–Kevin O’Leary (Canadian Businessman)

“Gold is the money of Kings”. Gold has a significant immensity in India. We as a whole love to wear gold jewels and in fact, they turned out into materialistic trifle. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said on gold as an investment.
You can buy gold in a different form other than physical form. You can get Gold as a mutual fund, you can even buy gold bonds and the trend of digital gold. The gold fund offers investors the convenience of buying pure gold at a low cost. You buy gold in the form of units and these units will be linked to market prices and you can sell gold whenever you want.

Let’s discuss in detail about gold in different forms.

  • Physical form:

Holding the gold in physical form involves high cost and less safety. Sometimes making charges will be as high as 14-18% of the cost of gold. Buying gold in the form of bars and coins also falls under this category. “Gold Saving Schemes”- where you deposit a fixed amount of money on a predetermined basis and on the maturity of a time period, you’ll buy the gold.

  • Gold Mutual Funds:

These funds invest in gold. The product called a Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) was launched in 2007 and became popular as investors saw it as a good deal. You get these for a lower cost than buying physical gold and offer a 100% purity with no making charges. You buy a unit of gold ETF at the current market price of gold. One unit of ETF is equal to 1 gram of gold. You need to have a de-mat account to invest in gold ETFs. Gold funds allow a minimum investment of Rs 1,000 (as monthly SIP).

  • Sovereign Gold bonds:

Sovereign Gold bonds are the government securities issued by RBI(Reserve Bank of India). They are denominated in terms of grams. The investors can avail it through paying cash and on maturity the gold will be redeemed for cash.

  • Digital gold:

Digital gold is relatively very new to the market. It is very simple and transparent to buy and sell gold instantly. Physical gold has limitations on safety and security issues. But there is another gold investment option that overcomes all the challenges of holding physical gold and that option is “Digital Gold”.

Are you looking for the best platform to make a gold investment then, MyWay Wealth is your solution.

Let’s look at some of the features of MyWay Wealth:

  • You can buy 24k Gold and skip the responsibility of safe-keeping and traditional lockers.
  • You can get a free and secure locker from BRINK’s, a global leader in gold custodian services with 100% insurance cover.
  • Sell your gold with one click, anywhere and any time.
  • Get your gold delivered to your doorstep, hassle-free.

Pictures of Myway Wealth App

In Addition to 24k Gold, you can also invest in Gold with another option on MyWay Wealth. i.e. you can invest in Gold Funds through SIP where you can gain appreciation in gold value without the hassle of owning physical gold. You can start investing in gold with as less as Rs 500.

Embrace your investments through MyWay Wealth!

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