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Khelo App ki Cricket Investments Pe

Cricket is the most popular game in the world undoubtedly, and it’s the world’s greatest sport. It’s a gentleman’s sport, full of sportsmanship. An epic journey where players and fans get to know each other over days of play, where respect is the golden rule, and integrity is very much alive. And on the contrary, Investing in the Mutual Fund is helps you to create wealth in the long/short term and helps in achieving your financial goals.
Besides entertainment, Investing is like a game of cricket.

“Your Team→ Your Portfolio
Your Players→ Your Securities.”

In this article, let us use the analogy of a cricket game in investing. When it comes to cricket, We ‘Fans’ always feel like the cricket team could have done a better job, when it comes to us, we fail to create our investment portfolio and financial success.


health insurance

Importance of Health Insurance

“Good Health and Good Sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”

There are plenty of reasons why health insurance is not just a good idea, but it is a necessity. The benefits will depend on the plans you buy and exclusions of the policy.
Many will face a financial crisis when it comes to medical emergencies and to meet the medical cost, people will switch into their savings, and they drain it entirely. So, in situations like this, a health insurance plan could be a real “life-saver” because it covers your hospitalization expenses.

Health insurance increases your accessibility to quality health treatments, including private healthcare, where the cost is still a barrier for many. Health insurance ensures you to get appropriate treatment promptly irrespective of their financial capability.
Especially in a country like India, people have a reduced capability to afford proper medical treatment. Medical insurance provides the much-needed financial stability to an individual.

Why is Health Insurance important?



All about Health Insurance

Health is Wealth

At some point in life, everyone faces various types of health risks and uncertainties. And it’s important to understand these risks. Knowing the risks, you and your family may face can help you find ways to avoid health issues.

What are Health Risks?

A health risk is not something that will harm you or affect your health. Risk doesn’t mean that something terrible will happen; it’s just the possibilities. Health risks include your age, family health, and lifestyle.
There are some risks which can’t be changed. Such risks are “genes” (inherited diseases from your parents) while some risks are in your control like diet, physical exercises, etc.,
Your absence can devastate your family or your dependents. Thus, understanding the health risks can help you make smart and informed decisions.

How can you reduce the risk?

You can reduce the risk by transferring it to the insurance companies. Insurance acts as a “Financial tool” against your health risk. Let’s learn about “Health Insurance.”


health insurance

Check out these points before you buy a Health Insurance

“In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” 
—Abraham Lincoln

Buying health insurance is like a back-up plan for your life. Health insurance covers the whole or a part of the medical expenses incurred by you. Various insurance companies are offering numerous policies. The need for health cover is increasingly becoming more critical, and hence choosing the right health plan is essential.

Here are a few points that you need to check before you pick up a Health Insurance:

  • Lifetime renewability:

The regulating authority of health insurance companies is IRDA (Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India). As per IRDA regulations, health insurance companies are mandatorily required to offer health insurance for up to 65 years. Most of the private companies do not have any such age limits in their plans. Once the policy is issued, individuals will be solely responsible for renewing the policy timely. If the individual fails to renew the policy, at the time of claiming, they will lose the real benefits of such a lapsed policy.


hesitant about health insurance

Why people hesitate to buy a Health Insurance?

“Some things are so unexpected that no one is prepared for them. “
-Leo Rosten

We buy health insurance because we treat insurance as a means for saving money to meet hidden health expenses in the future. It will be challenging for a family to arrange the funds required for the treatment in case of emergencies. Thus, we can say that health insurance serves as a “financial tool” for an individual.
However, it is also necessary to have a clear understanding of health insurance so that you can be shrewd in your buying decision.

Here are some of the reasons as to why people are hesitant to buy health insurance:

  • Cost:

One of the main disadvantages of health insurance is cost. Paying the premiums can be very difficult for the middle-income group. And health coverage for all the members in the family seems like a burden to people, especially if he is the sole earner in the family. One must not consider paying premiums as a financial burden because, with health insurance, you are ensuring that you and your family can bear the cost of medical expenses without mortgaging any property or gold.


types of health insurance

Types of Health Insurance

As we know, the hospitals are now offering better facilities, and the cost incurred when we opt for better facilities is very high, and you should be ready to deal with this situation if you or your family member is hospitalized. Health insurance acts as a “financial tool” to protect you against the risk of incurring the high cost of medical expenses.
The different types of health insurance are:

1. Individual health insurance:

It is the simplest of all the other types of health insurance and one of the best available options. This plan ensures that it will cover individual medical expenses within the cover limit. Like other insurance plans, you need to pay a regular premium amount to buy the cover. If you need a large cover, then the premium you pay will be high.