top rated mutual funds

Top Rated Mutual Funds

Here is a list of top-rated Mutual Funds that yield >18% returns and are rated 5 stars by Morningstar

CategoryFund detailsReturns (CAGR)Intended for investors with
Small/ Mid-CapSBI Small Cap Fund Direct Plan-Growth
+19.97%- Higher risk appetite and can stay invested for 5 years and
- Wants to invest in small/medium-sized companies.
Multi-Cap Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund- Direct Plan-Growth
+19.45%- Moderate risk appetite and can stay invested for 5 years and
- Wants a diversified portfolio by investing in small, medium and large-sized companies
Gilt Medium & Long Term IDFC Government Securities Fund- Investment Plan- Direct Plan Growth
+18.07%- Lower risk appetite and can stay invested for a short period i.e., 1-3 years
- These funds provide returns twice more than a Fixed Deposit can offer you within a one year tenure

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terminology of health insurance

Terminologies of Health Insurance

Do you feel lost when an insurance provider starts talking about health insurance? When he uses the fancy jargons involved with health insurance? It’s OK—we know that the terminologies regarding health insurance can be hard to understand. Hence we have come up with these few terms that are often used with health insurance:

1. Allowable charge: it is also known as “allowed amount,” “maximum allowable,” and “Usual, Customary, and Reasonable (UCR)” charges, this is a fee that is charged by a health insurance company to be a reasonable charge for medical services or supplies based on the area where the service is being provided.

2. Benefit – the amount payable by the insurance company to a policyholder for medical costs.

3. Benefit level – the maximum amount that a health insurance company agrees to pay to the policyholder.

4. Benefit year – the 12 months for which health insurance benefits are calculated, not necessarily coinciding with the calendar year. Health insurance companies may update plan benefits and rates at the beginning of the benefit year.